Sunday, April 10, 2005

Many Thanks to the Divine Miss "N"

Ha ha, did you like my pun, Anne?

Thanks for the tip on low res pictures. I didn't see my percent of bandwidth go up at all and I loaded THREE, count 'em, THREE WHOLE PICTURES! This should help dad, too, when I e-mail him pictures. Now his in-box won't be all jammed up (of course, now he can just get them off Flickr and I won't have to send anything to his inbox...).

Now for the next question (sorry for all you other people who don't care a toot about this, although it is rather educational - maybe some of you can make your own blog now too!). How do you blog more than one photo at a time? I've noticed that you often have a whole collection in the same post.

Oh, yeah - Angela, if you're reading this, start taking notes. Your mother-in-law thinks this is a swell way to keep Gigi and Grander up to date on the kiddos (sorry to spill the beans, Aunt Janis, but you are right - my parents are tickled and it's way easier for me than e-mailing everyone).

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Mom Underground said...

I like my new title!

Alright. Let's see how well I can explain things:

When you're in your Flickr account and looking at your Photostream (that's where all your pictures show up as smaller versions of themselves), click on a picture. When that comes up, scroll down and look on the right hand side. You will see a heading "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION." Under this heading there are a bunch of options, one of them being "See Different Sizes." Click on this link. That will take you to a new page for that picture that, if you scroll down to underneath the photo, will provide you with the html to insert into your blog copy. There will be two options of html to use - use the multi-lined html in the second box. Basically, you have two browser windows open while you blog and just copy and paste the htmls from the various pictures to where you want them in your text and Blogger will take care of the rest.

I have found that pictures when uploaded to Flickr and inserted into your blog this way should be about 5.5" wide ... maybe 6". Any wider and they will bump your Blogger sidebar way down and it just looks funny. Sometimes it all depends on the template design, too. Some templates accept wider pictures better.

It took me forever to figure out the "different sizes" option. Discovered it by accident. Definitely a "EUREKA!" moment. Hope this helps.