Sunday, April 10, 2005


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OK, here we are now combining 2 previous pictures - watching TV while chewing on the fist.

Today we went to a picnic and later took a walk around the lake down the street (along with about half of College Park, I think!). I'm not sure what the temps were, but it felt great to be in a T-shirt without a jacket! I had to take off Luke's church clothes and let him wear just his onesie - when I took him out of the car seat his back was all sweaty. I'm starting to wonder when he's going to wear all those cute 3-6 month outfits since it'll be too warm for many of them. Oh well, at least I'm not wondering what he'll wear!

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mom said...

My classroom assistant took one look at the picture today and she said he's already a "couch potato". But such a cute one!!