Friday, April 08, 2005

That's the Way They Get Your Moola

Mom asked how she could print off the pictures I post. If you just click on the picture, you'll be sent to Flickr, the website I've been using to enable pictures on the blog. Unfortunately, I'm already almost maxed out on the monthly allowance of bandwidth - if I want more I have to pay a strange sum of 40-something dollars *and 77 cents*. I don't have 40-odd extra dollars lying around - what do you do, Anne? I love how they allow you to use this great website for free and get you hooked, only to tell you, oh yeah, it's the first week of the month and already you can't use our product unless you pay.

I'd like to figure out how to change my camera so my pictures aren't such huge files when I upload them onto the computer. Who knows how to do that? Am I going to have to search for that lovely little tome called the "User's Manual"?


Mom Underground said...

All is not lost! Here are some options:

I noticed you take your photos at a pretty high resolution, which is great for printing out, but will eat up Flickr's bandwidth if you don't alter them in some way first.

There are a couple ways to do that:
There should be a way to specify on your digital camera if you want the pictures taken in the highest resolution possible or the lowest. The lowest resolution possible is great for internet viewing and takes up little of the free bandwidth. I never run out ... and you know how many pictures I post!

However, you can still take high resolution photos AND post them to Flickr for your parents to print out if you have photoediting software that enables you to resize your high-resolution photos. High-res photos are like 36 inches wide or something insane. If you can resize them to a normal 4x6, you will not use up your bandwidth as quickly (or at all - I haven't yet) AND your parents will have decent photos to print out. You must have some sort of software that came with your camera. Check along the top of the screen when you're in the program ... are there buttons with icons that you're supposed to figure out? One of those is probably a button that will zap your large photos down to a reasonable size. I guess the instruction booklet for your camera would be a good thing to peruse when you have the time. :)

My parents print out photos from my Flickr photostream all the time. Sometimes they're high quality, other times they're the low quality. My mom says even the low quality pics are "good enough" to satisfy her grandkids fix! Hope some of that helps!!

Mom Underground said...

What kind of camera do you have and where did you buy it?