Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This is for Grandpa Bosscher

When Luke was first born, my mom and dad came to visit. Dad got a new digital camera for Christmas so naturally there are tons of pictures from that week (yeah, I'm sure it was because of the new camera). Being a baby, Luke wasn't awake much and there aren't too many pictures of his eyes.

He's awake a lot more now, but here's one just for the sake of the old days:



Anonymous said...

I like his little khaki pants.... such a little gentleman --Uncle Bob

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that picture does look sort of familiar...a good snooze for a few minutes is a familiar thing! Have to admit that I pull up the recent videos of my grandson and listen to his voice. Love the vocal explorations he's doing! Keep the pics coming; I don't want to miss anything!