Sunday, May 01, 2005

Look ma, no hands!

Thought I would haul out the "Boppy" pillow that someone gave me. Never used it to nurse, but it seemed like a good propper. Luke enjoyed "sitting" by himself without falling over to the side.


He's really looking like a big boy now - complete with a pimple!


mom said...

I was just reading yesterday in a newspaper ad that you could use the boppy for sitting up and also for "tummy time". I'm not sure how'd you'd put him in there on his tummy though. He's getting cuter!

Mom Underground said...

We use the boppy for tummy time. You lay it on the floor and then stick the baby in the middle, with his torso and arms hanging over the top (the middle part of the "C"), like he's hanging out on an inner tube. I think there's a pic somewhere on my website of Gabe doing this. I'll try to post it again for your reference. :)