Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Kinder Stikken

Well, I did it.

I'm finally going to try to sell some of the things I've made (try being the key word here). Last night I scanned photos of past projects and downloaded pictures of recent things and made a new blog for my little "business." This Saturday I'll "debut" at our own little "Berwyn Heights Day" - a kind of welcome spring day our town has, complete with moon bounce, helicopter rides and . . . gulp . . . craft vendors (ME!).

In addition to the new blog, I made a bunch of cards and price tags. In doing so, I realized I really did need a name. So, thanks Anne for the great ideas (I really liked "itchin to stitch" and "built to quilt"), but I decided to go with something kid-oriented and, well, Dutch. I turned to my trusty English-Dutch dictionary and found that "quilt" in Dutch is "stikken" (like I'm stickin my finger when I make them). And "child" is "kind." So I messed it all up and made "Kinder Stikken" - children's quilt. It probably isn't really Dutch, but no one around here will know that.

So the new blog is Let me know what you think. I'm still working on it and probably eventually I'll have to make a regular website since blogging is a little different format than what I'll need, but it'll work for now.


Auntie Em said...

Hey! I really like it! I like the name, and the format of that blog is great. If you don't sell everything, I'd be happy to buy a few of those burp cloths from you--so many new babies coming! Also, those baby towels/washcloth combos look like they turned out really well! Nice!

mom said...

Katie - It's wonderful! I love the name and your products look very nice - you've made a great start! I'm so proud of you! I don't know if you can change it, but when I go to view a category, say blankets, I can't see any items until I scroll down a little. It might lead someone to believe that there are no products to see on that page. I hope you do well on Saturday!!

MLE said...

Hey--I decided to join in as well on this whole blog thing. My address is

I'm still trying to figure out how to do pictures, but when I do, I'll be adding those as well!

Mom Underground said...

Your stuff is wonderful, Katie! Are you going to post prices eventually? I bet you'll do really well this weekend. Let us know how it goes!!

TBG said...

The site looks great. I might be looking to buy some for the next occasion that comes up.

Good Job!