Saturday, May 21, 2005


Three things you must know before I continue with this very funny tale:

1) I turned the heat on again yesterday since it was 64 in the house.
2) The furnace is on a timer that kicks in around 5:30 a.m. so we're warm when we get up.
3) Alec has nightmares when he gets really hot.

Thus prefaced, my very funny tale:

This morning I awoke very suddenly around 6:15 to Alec yelling "DAD!" Just once, very loudly. Usually when he's hot and has nightmares, they are the yelling/flailing variety which I have gotten good at warding off. I guess I've trained myself to hear the pre-screaming sounds and quickly wake him before I get clobbered. Not so this morning. Just one, loud yell and I was awake with my heart pounding.

It woke Alec, too, and he told me the dream. He thinks he was on Kipukai, the family ranch on Kauai. His dad was looking into the sugar cane field. And Alec had to warn him about the big POLAR BEAR coming after him. So funny we laughed and woke the baby.

Polar bears. Sheesh.


Uncle Bob said...

sounds like the ABC series 'Lost'... the big thing that was attacking some of the stranded people was a polar bear... weird...

MOM said...

Had you guys been watching "Lost" and the scenes popped up in the subconscious?