Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yard work

Monday night I started to weed out my front garden area. It has grass overtaking it, and I previously didn't have the energy to begin. Monday seemed a good time - a hard day, nice weather, some time to just dig in and think while I did it. It's coming along slowly and I sure am tired of pulling out grass root systems, but I've got some really good compost waiting and then I'm going to put in some nice perennials so I don't have to do this all again next year.

I don't have pictures of the garden itself since the sun was hitting it in a bad way last night, but here's my boy out with me:


And with his "flopsy bunnies" sweater:


When we were finished for the night, we went into the back yard to play with daddy. Here's Luke giggling into his hand:


And another nice one with daddy:


What a bunch of nice looking boys!

1 comment:

TBG said...

Weeding Yuck, I have to do that. It seems like a neverending process.

What a cute little boy, he looks so happy.