Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Words that tickle my funny bone

I figure after the last post I need to put something a little more inane or no one will want to read these anymore.

Have you ever had it when you hear a word and it hits you funny? My mom used to say "with" hit her that way. Say it 10 times in a row and it doesn't sound like a word anymore, just a sound.

The other day I was at Bible study listening to the lecture and the word "keep" hit me that way. The speaker used it several times in the space of 5 minutes and by the end, every time she said it I giggled. It just sounded like a noise, "word word word word NOISE word word," and it popped out every time.

Yesterday it happened again. I was driving home from work and a Suburban passed me. Now there's a funny word - suburban. I started thinking how it really should be pronounced "sub-urban" but everyone says "suh-burban" and after I'd been saying it in my head so often, it sounded ridiculous any way I said it.

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