Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The answers

I guess I should finally explain my quiz answers. It seems that several people were tricked.

#1: Where was I born? Easy. Michigan. Not a trick.

#2: How many states have I lived in? Michigan, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida, Maryland. I count 6. My sister said 5 and that Florida didn't count. I LIVED there, even if it was just for the 2 summers in college.

#3: My major in college was elementary education. I minored in English and geography at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I wish I had majored in geography.

#4: How many years did I teach before becoming a mom? Six years at Washington Christian Academy. Six good years, but I don't miss it at all.

#5: What is my favorite food? I'm surprised by a few people who got this wrong. I'm a Bosscher so naturally my favorite food is chocolate!

#6: How old was I when I made my first quilt? I don't remember the quilt much - I think it was a little blue doll quilt - but I made it in fourth grade. I also made a Christmas wall hanging with my mom that year - it looks like stained glass.

#7: How many of my friends have had babies in the past year? 15 - Brooke, Valerie, Jennifer, Jacqui, Anallancy, Deborah, Jinny, Christiana, Suzanna, Anne, Meghan, Vanessa, Tori, Lisa, Peggy. And actually Lyla and Noelle have had their babies since then and I'm still waiting to hear from Donna who is having a C-section today and Sara who is due next week! Plus, I have 2 more friends due this summer and 3 this fall. There must be something in the water here.

#8: In the evening, after a long hard day, I would rather... I admit, this was a trick question. I usually do sew but if it's been a really hard day I generally just veg in front of the TV.

#9: How long have I been married? Almost 5 years. My anniversary is June 17.

#10: How many kids do I hope to have? I think 3 would be a nice-sized family. Four would be good, too, but I'm not sure our house could hold that many and I like it - don't want to move.

Well, that about does it. I guess you all know me a little better now.

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