Thursday, June 02, 2005

I got me some bling

Two Saturdays ago, Alec took me to a jeweler. There was a sale and he wanted to buy me something nice. You see, when we got engaged I got my great-grandma Katie's diamond. It's beautiful and an antique, but unfortunately grandma was quite petite and, well, I am not. I felt like since it was an antique I didn't want it reset, so I never wore a diamond. So, we went and picked something out. It had to be special made and it arrived by FedEx this morning. Of course I am wearing it!

Here's what it looks like:


Ooh, I should be a hand model! And the close-up:


And, as Mr. Murphy would have it, that same Saturday my car's engine practically blew up on the way back from picking up a friend from the Baltimore airport. So it's dead. Sitting in the driveway. So last Saturday I got a new car.

Here's my new wheels:


Aww yeah! Girls love trucks!

It's an '05 Ford Escape and I love being higher up when I drive. It's easier to put the baby in and out, it's easier to put in groceries, it doesn't rattle whenever I press the accelerator, and it has that nice, new car smell! This afternoon we'll take it on it's first road trip to Deep Creek Lake.

By the way, despite current appearances to the contrary, we are not made of money. Just so happened that it all took place the same weekend.


TBG said...

Wow you made out.

Love the ring. It looks very similar to my cousins. She has the same design with the diamond in the middle and sapphires on the side.

Love the new wheels. Cant beat that two great items in the same weekend.

I drive an SUV it is so nice to be up high.

Bob said...

Nice bling sis... and nice SUV! I want an Escape too when I gorw up... good for haulin' art supplies and taking road trips!

Mom Underground said...

Love the ring. Love the truck!

dad said...

I think Alec is taking very good care of his family. Way to go, son!