Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A New Toy and A New "Skill"

Yesterday, Luke got a hand-me-down "exersaucer" from a friend. I love having friends with kids Luke's age, but friends with kids a year or two older is nice too - hand-me-downs! Anyway, this toy is an older version so it doesn't have all the attached toys, but it's still nice to have something new for him. He's getting a little big for the bouncy seat and he doesn't always like just lying on the floor. Plus, this will help his legs get stronger and he sure likes bouncing up and down in it.

Here he is yesterday in it for the first time. The little friend who brought it over is 2 now and in a "helpful" phase. She's giving Luke every single toy she can find and then covering him with a blanket. Her little brother is due this week, so we'll have to work on the covering-with-a-blanket thing.

PC080120 PC080121

And here we are tonight. Any guesses what the new "skill" we're working on this week is?



If you guessed sticking out our tongue and spitting, you guessed right (notice the little frothy bubbles at the corners of his mouth)!


TBG said...

What a cutie. he looks like he is enjoying his new toy.

What a sweet little girl she is going to be such a help for her mama.

Mom Underground said...

Nice duds! :) We have a hand-me-down exersaucer, also, which appears to be a "newer" version of yours. Everything's the same, except we have one small bar of shapes that spin around. Very simple compared to the Cadillacs you can buy at Target now. The exersaucer is as handy during this stage as the bouncy seat was! Luke definitely looks pleased with himself.