Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Night of More Firsts

Last night, we put Luke in the high chair for the first time to see how he would like it. He's not a big fan yet and he's still kind of little for it, but it was fun to have him higher up during supper (once again, notice the toy in the mouth).


After supper, during the nightly viewing of "Jeopardy," Luke played with daddy (not a first, but cute nonetheless).

PC070117 PC070116

Then, Luke had a bath for the first time in his baby tub. He's too long for the kitchen sink now - he kicks and his head bonks on the porcelain. We'll give him a bath in the little tub until he can sit up and then it's back to the sink (easier on mommy's knees!).


He loves the rubber ducky. It squeaks!

Here I am, vigorously scrubbing away that nasty cradle cap. It's gotten much better since I started using the brush during the bath.


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