Friday, June 10, 2005

Peaceful Friday afternoons

This afternoon I had the very lover-ly pleasure of piecing TWO quilt tops. My friend is having a little boy any day now and so we've been making a quilt for him. Her feet are so swollen now, though, that she has a hard time even sitting at the sewing machine. I put hers together at the same time I put one together for my friend who's having a little girl. I think they both turned out very nicely.

Here is hers (Luke has one similar to it made by his grandma):


And here is the girl version I made:



Mom Underground said...

Very cool! I love those days where I find time to do something creative and "work" another part of my brain.

TBG said...

They are beautiful. I love them both.

dad said...

Beautiful work, Katie. Some hand stitching in there also? Tie or quilt? Mom's wondering...