Sunday, June 12, 2005

How you feeling?


It feels like August in Atlanta here. Everything is sticky and sweaty. We went to a birthday party last night that was outside. I feel so sorry for Luke because he gets so hot lying down in the stroller - I pick him up and his back is slick. And holding him isn't much better. Two hot bodies is even more uncomfortable.

All the same, it was a fun party. Here's Luke & his daddy trying to stay in the shade:


Luke did not have a nap in the afternoon, but there was too much going on for him to sleep. He doesn't get fussy when this happens, just really quiet. Here he is in the stroller - the feet up was a first, I think to keep cooler:


He's been pretty successful lately in putting the pacifier back in his mouth by himself. I was impressed the first time I saw it - my kid is a genius! Do they make bumper stickers for this kind of milestone (a la "honor roll")?

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MLE said...

Hey--you want to email me some updated pictures? Mine are already a few months old at home, and I need to update my frames!!!