Tuesday, June 07, 2005

This is for all you SHEs

I have a new friend. Her name is FlyLady. She helps SHEs like me to organize and clean (a SHE is a "sidetracked home executive"). I've been learning a lot from her.

I'm a SHE for 2 reasons: 1) I get sidetracked easily & 2) I like a clean house, I just don't know where to start so I don't do anything.

FlyLady is helpful for me because I'm a little persnikkety about things and I love checklists. She has lots of checklists to help me not forget anything and also to help me feel a sense of accomplishment (don't tell me you've never added something to your checklist after you already did it just to cross it off!).

I've been learning about zones. Break your house down into 5 main areas, deep clean one each week, and then forget about it for the next 4 weeks until you come back to it again. Well, not totally forget about it - do basic cleaning each week, just don't feel like you have to scour the house top to bottom every single week.

This week I've been focusing on the living/dining/entry rooms. Ovserve and be amazed.




See! Doesn't that make you want to sit and visit? No piles of clutter. Clean floor. I even washed the curtains and pillow covers.

Tune in next week when I tackle the kitchen...


Bob said...

Katie, you crack me up... the house looks great by the way. Nice job on Zone 1. If only I could do that with the art department, maybe it will be clean by September.

MLE said...

Shoot, I was hoping a Flylady can and cleaned for me for free! I did, however, just turn my bedroom into a relaxing pink retreat, so I guess I'm well on my way!

TBG said...

I LOVE THIS POST...I joined flylady today and took my first step. I cleaned my sink...woo hoo...come check it out I posted a picture of it...Thanks for the fly lady info, I cant wait to get my self all clean and clear.

dad said...

Proud of you, girl! Can't wait to see it (and y'all) in a week.