Friday, July 29, 2005


When we were in Oregon we took Luke to the pool at the park. I forgot to put up the pictures until now.


He's a little too small for this contraption yet (imagine that - he's too SMALL for something!) but when he gets a little taller I think he'll enjoy it.


He loves the water! It took him a few minutes to get used to it - the water was a little chilly at first and he made a few grimaces. Once he got used to it he splashed around and had a good time.


MLE said...

Hey--in that slimming-suit he's got some man-boobs coming along nicely. Boy do I love baby fat. Not so cute though when you're 27 and it's still there...

TBG said...

I love his lady bug float I want one in my size. When are you home from Oregon?