Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Sixth Month Check-Up

Yesterday Luke went to the doctor for his sixth month check-up. Guess how much he weighed. Here's a clue (weight is directly proportionate to number of dimples):


Nineteen pounds, two ounces! And 27 inches long. Everything is fine, but apparently I'm supposed to be up to 3 solid feedings a day already. How can I be up to that many when I just started solid feedings at 5 1/2 months? And some books say not to start solids until 6 months - how would that work? Just start right in with 3 dailies? I like my pediatricians, but they're all old men and it's hard for me to take everything from them without questioning it. But they are great with babies.

Here's the happy camper:


Incidentally, this is also what he looked like 2 minutes after screaming his head off. He got 4 shots and blood drawn from his toe and screamed louder than I've ever heard before. Then, we walked up to the front desk to pick up our paperwork and he started flirting with the receptionist while I was wiping the tears. Sounds like Auntie Emily - fire and ice!

Lastly, here's another sleeping baby picture for Grandpa Bosscher. This is what happens after church on Sunday morning. No morning nap really screws things up. (By the way, hello to any of Mr. B's new fifth graders who might see this. Behave yourselves today!)



MLE said...

Auntie Em is so proud to have a nephew after her own heart. Yes, flirting and crying are perfectly acceptable in the same 5 minutes. Sometimes one is just a part of the other anyway.

And, he's such a man now! Those cheeks have definement! I'm counting down the days till I can see him (oh, and you guys) again!

Grandpa B said...

I am gradually getting the new bunch (of really nice kids) introduced and indoctrinated. Pictures on the desk, laptop, etc. They will see the latest soon. Great pics, Kate!

TBG said...

Wow he is getting so big. Love the smile. He is so cute. Oh you must just kiss him all day long.