Sunday, September 18, 2005

An Afternoon at the Park

Today we took a walk after our Sunday naps. It cooled off a little and there was a nice breeze so we went to the park down the street to swing for a while.

P9180025 P9180026 P9180027 P9180028

Luke loves the swing! He likes to go high, but he makes some really funny faces every time he comes forward - scared like he doesn't remember what happens next.

We also played on the animals. Not sure what kind of billed bird this is - a duck maybe?

P9180024 P9180021 P9180022 P9180023

And this one with daddy is definitely a turtle.

P9180020 P9180019

What a day!


TBG said...

Looks like Mama, Daddy and Luke all had a great day!

Uncle Bob said...

Wow, what a cute kiddo!
And Alec, very nice pictures; that last one of Katie and Luke looks like its out of a magazine!

a.c. said...

thanks for letting us come blog with you...very cute pictures...looks like fall is coming early to D.C.
I never knew that your Dad was so mad about the shed was a pretty scary and sad thing for us. aunt cindy

uncle jack said...

I guess I'm U.J. Great pics! We"d like to post on your mom"s site< but it seems she is blocking all but bloggers>

Katie said...

Aunt Cindy, I don't think dad was so much mad as sad about the shed. I remember feeling kinda wierd myself about the whole thing. I mean, it wasn't our shed anymore, but we spent a lot of Saturdays building the thing and then a lot more days hanging out and taking care of the animals. I guess it's kind off like when you move and then you go back to the old house and you see that the people didn't keep up your garden or take care of the shutters you hung up or something else like that. We were really glad no one got hurt and nothing else burned, though.

Joy said...

Wow! I can post back. How nice! Luke is adorable. You do such a great job of posting pictures. Thanks for all of your comments on my site. It nice to hear from someone who has had similar experiences recently.