Friday, September 16, 2005


Oh, dear. Here we go. Look at that leg sticking out behind!


This is the new activity this week. He can go down from sitting to one leg behind and then come back up again. If he gets both legs behind (ends up on tummy) he gets stuck, but I'm not helping him. I don't want to speed this any faster! He can surprisngly move around quite a bit in this fashion. He can also move around in circles when he's on his stomach.



Guess I'd better get serious about child-proofing things. He already found the scrap paper pile by the computer. Mmmmm, paper good!


TBG said...

Any day now he will be taking off and there will be no stopping him...

Uncle Bob said...

He looks a little mischevious like he knows he's almost there... what a cute stinker!