Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another new (?) car

Today we got another new car. It's only new to us, though. Check out the license plate:



This is a 1929 Model A Ford. Alec's dad had it for a long time, but he wasn't driving it anymore and knew Alec would like it. He had it shipped to us from Oregon and it arrived this afternoon. We rode it around the block first before parking it in the newly cleaned out garage.

Luke really liked it! He kicked his little legs the whole time we were riding in it. It makes a lot of noise, but unfortunately the horn doesn't work. That will probably be the first thing Alec fixes since it's such a neat old sound.


I didn't take a picture of the backseat, but it's pretty funny. The seat is so deep, I think my legs would stick out unless I sat on the edge. The seat flips up for storage since there isn't a trunk. The Model A was the first model with crank windows - front and back! The rear window also has a little shade you can pull down and the front windshield flips out for more breeze. If you want heat, there's a little hole down near your feet and you just open the door - the heat from the engine comes right in!

Alec eventually wants to be able to drive to church on Sundays in the summer, but it needs seatbelts and a way for Luke's carseat to fit in first. He may also drive it in the Berwyn Heights Day parade next year.

And by the way, Alec is doing a really good job of cleaning out the garage. Building shelves and everything!


Mom said...

Oh, my! How beautiful! My Uhncle Jay used to have a Model T - I'm so thankful to the people who preserved these beauties. I think Katie better get the sewing machine busy and create a 1929 style outfit to wear in that parade. Hmm.....wonder what little boys wore back then - whatever, I'll bet Luke will look cute in it! And the bonus of a clean garage!! Can't wait until Oct. 12 --may mom and dad have a ride?

Bob said...

That is the coolest car... I am so jealous... seriously though, extremely sweet

TBG said...

That is really cool. My husband would be so jealous!