Monday, September 26, 2005

Free toys

One of the perks of Alec's job that isn't in his contract is that when he works for long periods of time in someone's house, inevitably he ends up getting stuff from them that they are getting rid of. Since he does remodeling, people are going through their things and sometimes Alec gets some good stuff. Last year he put an addition on a house and the lady's kids were about 5-8 years old. She was getting rid of all of their baby toys and gave us a huge box of stuff. We just remembered we had it this week, so now Luke has some new blocks.


They're pretty cool blocks. Of course, the basket they're in is just as good of a toy!


On a completely unrelated matter, I have a question. Maybe Beth can help with this one. Today I was making some batches of baby food. I peeled and cut up some butternut squash and when I was finished, my left hand felt funny. I looked at it and it is peeling. It feels like when you were in grade school and covered your hand with Elmer's glue to peel it off in one piece. I washed it to make sure it wasn't just food I left on it; it wasn't. I tried putting lotion on it, but that only helped for about a minute. It doesn't hurt, just feels really tight and dry, and of course is peeling off. I was going to show a picture, but Flickr is having a problem right now. Anyone know what's going on?


Joy said...

Nikki Rinsema & I were roommates at Trinity. We still keep in touch regularly. Were you roommates with Sheri? BTW - No idea about the hand...

Uncle Bob said...

poor Luke, gross mommy-hand-skin in his baby food... not to mention its squash!

Gayle and Rob said...

Katie - I remember that feeling when working with squash - there must be come chemical in the squash that sort of kills your outer skin cells. It goes away eventually and doesn't seem to have any long lasting effects. If you want to know more try the state extension agent in your area. And in spite of what uncle bob says - Hurrah for squash!!

Katie said...

Hey Bob - I think, considering the number of times I've wiped his dirty butt, Luke has a long way to go before we've evened out the gross-o-meter score.

And he does like squash - and oatmeal!