Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Big soft blankie

Today I washed my old college quilt which we keep in the family room. The kitties like to sleep on it so I have to wash it at least once a month. Anyway, Luke was sitting on the floor next to the wash basket and pulled it out onto himself. I know these pictures will be too big for this column, but they're a little dark.


When it's getting to be naptime, a big soft blankie can make you very sleepy.




I'm sorry. I know he's my own child but I have to say it anyway. WHAT A CUTIE!


Grandpa B said...

The kid has my vote! And my fifth graders' votes. They smile every time they see Luke on my desktop!

Uncle Bob said...

All I have to say is, with that blanket, I just want to wrap him up in it an cuddle him!! He is getting so cute!