Sunday, September 11, 2005

Playing with the big boys now

Yesterday we watched a friend's little boy all afternoon while they unpacked boxes and set up the new house they just moved into. It was a good experience for both boys, I think. They both are only children yet and, as such, have some to learn about playing and sharing. They did really well, but it was interesting to watch them interact.

Here they are playing with Duplos and Luke's new toolbox. Notice the progression of the toolbox.


Luke: "Hey, I had that!"
Caleb: "Thanks, man. Come and get it!"

I felt a little sorry for Luke because he can't go after things yet and Caleb is 8 months older and can go wherever he wants. But then I thought, "Who am I kidding? I don't want a crawler yet!"

Here they are after nap time, playing with yet another toolbox. Hmmm, wonder what daddy does?


Luke was more interested in sucking on Caleb's toes, which he was less than thrilled about.


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TBG said...

Look at how good he is sitting up. I would say he is getting to be a big boy himself.