Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I am so tired

Last night was terrible. Let me back up - the second half of yesterday was terrible. Luke took a good nap in the morning, we had a friend and her baby over for lunch, then I put him down around 2 pm. He slept for 20 minutes and then cried for 45. Nothing I did made a difference. Finally I put him in the stroller and we went to the park to swing for a whilie. He was fine again when we came home. Who knows what did it - the Tylenol finally kicking in, the distraction, pain went away, etc. I can't tell if it's this blasted cold or teething or if he reacted to a new food. He then slept on my chest for almost an hour - I tried to catch 40 winks then, too, but it's hard when you're trying not to roll off the couch.

Then. he was fussy at bed time but finally went to sleep. Woke up again around 12:30 and, just like the night before, was inconsolable. I'm not about to do the "let him cry" thing right now because it just adds to the snot he's already fighting (sorry, Bob, but there's no other way to put it). Alec got up with him for awhile and finally I just slept with him in the guest bed again. I'm afraid I'm perpetuating a bad habit, but we'll cross that bridge when he's healthy again - hopefully before mom and dad visit next week.

Help! I do not know what to do. Right now, I will nap.


Bob said...

I think naps do wonders. I still take them and reccomend everyone does. The snot thing, hey, it a fact of life... my squemishness is more of a joke... remember I too worked at Lakes Park and had to deal with puking children... not too much phases me, I think. Hope you can catch up on your sleep and I hope Luke starts feeling better real soon.

Gayle and Rob said...

Hey, don't worry about Grandpa and Grandma coming, if he's still fussing we'll take turns and maybe you can catch up on sleep a little while we're there. I know it sounds trite , but this too shall pass.

MLE said...

Hey! Hope things are going better. I understand the frustration over not getting enough sleep--and I don't even have a baby disturbing the few precious hours I do get! Give him extra hugs and kisses for me though! Hope you all feel better soon.