Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Things I like right now

A few things I've decided lately that are my favorites:

1) The Pack 'n Play, a genius invention that nowadays has FOUR functions - bassinet, changing table, portable crib, and playard. Yesterday we used the fourth for the first time when I realized that my son is MOBILE! I was sewing and had him on the floor in the sewing/guest room. He found the door to swing open and shut, the tablecloth on the bedside table to pull on, and the ironing board to shake - all of which freaked me out as hazardous. So, I opened up the "playard" (when I was a kid they were playPENS, a more apt description, if you ask me), put in a bunch of toys, and plopped him in the middle. He loved it! And I sewed without looking around my shoulder every 2 seconds.

2) Snap tape. I'm finally getting the hang of sewing this stuff in. It's kind of a pain, but after having a baby I realize what a lifesaver it is on baby pants and overalls.

3) Applesauce and yogurt. The perfect baby foods! You can mix them with everything. Last night I mixed applesauce and pureed chicken breast and Luke finally ate it. No more Gerber dinners for my kid.

That's all for now. Here are some pictures of Luke modeling the newest overall creation (and some commentary on what he may have been thinking during my little photo shoot):

Ooh, a camera! Let me see!



OK, I think I've had enough now.

Really, lady! How many pictures do you need?

I'm tired of playing dress-up and now I'm stuck in the couch. Are we done yet?


KTP said...

Oh my goodness, how have I missed your blog all this time? What a cute little boy!!! I shall monitor his progress so I know what to expect from Kyle. And nice work on the clothes. I have no talent for sewing, nor do I have patience for it. I am envious.

aunt cindy said...

Katie, I have some friends who live in D.C. area that are looking for a church. They're a young couple with a toddler and baby, both Calvin grads...met in Rehoboth...thought you might like to get to know them...send me your email address and I'll email you more info. mine is clippel@hotmail.com

MLE said...

Hey, can you make one of those outfits in my size so we can match? Maybe I'll be cuter then. He's adorable.

Joy said...

So what does snap tape do? I can't figure it out by the pictures. Adorable pictures!

Gayle and Rob said...

Katie - the pics and captions are a hoot - my Kdgner's loved them! Re. the pack and play --I'm asking around to borrow something similar for Christmas time - do you think that will be too small for him then? Or should I look for something larger? We found a seat with tray that attaches to a regular chair at Target that will work great at mealtime and I'm sure we can borrow a stroller as well - do we need to find a car seat too? I didn't know if you were flying or driving down and what you would be able to take along.

Katie said...

Joy - You sew snap tape onto the inside legs of pants and overalls. It ends up being just like pants you buy from the store. The snap tape is a long, thick twill ribbon with snaps in it already.