Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My buh-buh-buddy

Today Luke was a good buh-buh-boy. He helped me clean. The vacuum cleaner broke so we went to buh-buh-buy a new Buh-buh-bissell. The store's inventory said they had it, but they didn't. So we buh-buh-bought one on Amazon.

Here's Luke playing while I'm shopping on-line. He was very excited that the kitty came! Of course, he thought she came to play when really she came to take a nap in that nice little buh-buh-basket.


He was so excited he almost tipped her out. When she got out buh-buh-by herself, he cried for 2 seconds and then found something else to play with.

He decided not to take a nap this afternoon. I tried 2 times, unsuccessfully. Hopefully that means he'll sleep buh-buh-better (ie. longer, uninterrupted) tonight. Here he is in the kitchen while I'm making supper. Notice how lively and active he is after all that good sleep (drip, drip - that's sarcasm).


He's playing with his favorite culinery tool - the spatula. I give him the one I never use (only because it's stained from making buh-buh-blueberry pancakes, which is a silly reason since the stain won't come off in anything else) and he buh-buh-bangs with it and chews on it.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. Guess what sound we're making ALL THE TIME? You got it.

This day has been buh-buh-brought to you by Luke and the letter B.


Gayle and Rob said...

Buh-buh-bodacious!! Grandma can't wait to hear the little buh-buh boy says his letter sounds! I knew he was smart!! Only a few more hours!!

Uncle Bob said...

you know, you could encourage that into Buh-Buh- Bob... double buh sound there, and of course it is his uncle...
Hope he sleeps well!

Katie said...

Bob, even if it did sound like "Bob", he wouldn't know what that meant. Sorry. If you come to visit, we'll let you think he's calling your name, though. How about Thanksgiving? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Is that an invitation for turkey day!? I would love to.... if that was an invite.... Let me know! Bob