Monday, October 17, 2005

A visit with the "grands"

Since I used this title before, I thought I'd post the link so you could see how much Luke has changed since the last visit in June. The easiest thing to notice is that he's missing that "Alfalfa" sprout now.

Here are some highlights of this one:

Luke and his grandpa:

Luke and his grandma playing the piano:

Here's Luke at supper after not much of a nap. It was pretty late and we were having chocolate ice cream for dessert. Luke's never had ice cream and mom and dad thought it might be fun to see what he did. Here he is right before; you can see how excited he is to be getting his first sugar:
And here he is right after:
I guess I don't have to worry about him eating all my chocolate ice cream for a while!

On Saturday we went to Watkins Regional Park, a park in the central part of our county. I had been there last spring with my mom's group and thought it would probably be a nice place to go this fall. Luke was quite a bit more responsive this time and we had fun at the Old Maryland Farm looking at the animals.

Here's Luke with his daddy:
He was quite excited - here's what he was looking at:
The hugest, grossest pigs I've ever seen - and I've been to many a state/county fair!

Luke also enjoyed the chickens, rabbits, peacocks, geese,
and daddy's shoulder:

Here he's looking at horses, a donkey and a goat:
P1010026 P1010027

That was a long day and Luke fell asleep on grandpa while they were watching the Wolverines beat the Penn State Nittany Lions. GO BLUE!
P1010029 P1010036


Uncle Bob said...

I love his little baseball cap! He is getting so cute!! And I agree that pig is sick...

Gayle and Rob said...

Thanks, Katie, the wonderful weekend was relived. I still don't understand those pigs however, they must have been some exotic breed or had some genetic flaw. Never have I seen pig faces like that.

Auntie Beth said...

Wow that kid is cute. Can't wait to see you all at Christmas! No pigs though...EW!

Bob said...

After closer consideration and some intensive Internet research, I believe that those pigs are indeed Vietnamese Potbellied pigs, the normal sized ones, not the mini ones some people seem to think make swell pets...needless to say, they're ugly... and fat... and ugly

Aunt Cindy said...

The Feddes' in Rehoboth have a pot bellied pig called Stubbs but he doesn't look anything like these....I'm surprised you didn't have one of these in the Bosscher shed on pill hill when you guys lived there!

MLE said...

Awesome pictures! Could we please have Christmas come sooner? I need to see him! :)