Friday, November 04, 2005

Big "steps"

Not really, but the next best thing. Wednesday Luke started crawling. For real, not the "commando" style. He dragged his legs around a few times (looking like he was paralyzed from the waist down!) and then started moving his knees along with his hands. It's pretty strange to walk into another room now and turn around to see him following. I have to figure something out at church because he's into everything and I don't get much work done.

He's still a very independent, content baby, though. He can sit for literally an hour and play by himself. The other day I gave him a spatula, old butter tub, and child-proof pill bottle and he sat there while I did the dishes.


He also has been exploring and discovering things around the house. I've decided the kitchen will soon be off-limits - the cat food and water are too interesting!



Today I'm babysitting a little girl who is 6 weeks older than Luke. Should be interesting. I've got the gate ready, the pack-n-play, and her mom is bringing their big double stroller. She's teething and having separation anxiety - hopefully I won't be ready to tear out my hair by 1:30!


Uncle Bob said...

I like his sweater... he looks so grown up! woo hoo on the crawling!

Katie said...

Yeah, I like the sweater, too, but it reminds me a little of Mr. Rogers and his zip-up cardies. Not a bad memory, I guess.

Mom Underground said...

Way to go, Luke! It took Gus longer to crawl and explore than it did Gabriel. The older sibling factor really revved things up - more to see, more to do, hey, what's that over there? Etc. It was crazy for awhile, but I'm getting the hang of how to keep Gabe from killing himself. He can crawl up all 13 steps already to the second floor! ACK!!!!!!