Friday, November 04, 2005

So far, so good

Well, it's now 10 am and I have 2 sleeping babies in my house. V. didn't cry when her mom left and the 2 of them played nicely (both by themselves, of course) for about an hour and a half.



If you look closely at these pictures, you can see the new favorite toys at our house - empty food boxes. Today we added an empty oatmeal container, too. They're great - trash anyway so you can throw them away when they are demolished. Here are a few pictures from the other day when Luke had a big bowl and boxes:




Yes, that's a "Little Noses" nasal drops box. We have another monster cold - that blue bulb is sure getting a work-out again. And, of course, he got this cold just when his sleep pattern was back on track after the last one! Argh! But, as usual, he is in a wonderful mood, so I can't complain much about the sleepless nights.



MLE said...

Awesome pictures! And...I know have no worries about finding him a Christmas present, as all I need to do is finish those Cheerios in my pantry. :) He's so am I going to make it until Christmas?

Gayle and Rob said...

I love the picture with the two little teeth showing - poor baby, I know how he feels with the runny nose!