Saturday, November 19, 2005

Luke update

This week I rearranged Luke's room a little. Now that he's crawling, he's also getting into things. I made sure the bottom 2 shelves in his room had all stuff he could pull down and I moved the rocker over to the dormer window - now he has a nice big area to play in when I'm across the hall sewing (don't worry - I put a gate up at the top of the stairs!)

Yesterday I peeked in on him and here's what I saw:



He's so happy to just sit and look at books or play with toys. He can be in there for at least an hour, just puttering around, until he crawls out to see me. It's been nice lately because I have a big project I'm trying to finish for a friend.

He is very content at church, too. I think it makes a difference that we're only there 2 days a week and he naps a lot while we're there - bottom line is he's not bored there yet. I have to watch him, of course, but lately he's been playing under an unoccupied desk (his first fort!).



That's some sort of old broomstick he found under there this week - kept him busy for at least 15 minutes.

This morning I put him down for a nap and jumped into the shower. I came out to hear, over the monitor, Luke jabbering and Alec talking to him. I went upstairs to see why he wasn't sleeping; Alec said Luke had started to fuss so he went to check on him and here's what he saw:


That's not on his knees, folks. He can stand!


And hold on with only one hand, too! Maybe he'll walk sooner than I thought. We definitely need to lower the crib mattress again.


Gayle and Rob said...

Oh my goodness, things are happening fast! Once he got used to this mobility thing it seems there is not stopping him. I love the one with the wave. And thanks for the pictures of Alec at work. That's quite a big job for a small company - good for them!

MLE said...

I know what I'm doing with him at Christmas! Reading! He's getting so big--I'm not sure I'll make it another month!

TBG said...

Woo Hoo Luke, way to go! He is getting so big!

KTP said...

Love the windmills on the wall!