Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving . . . and since

I'm back!


I guess it's about time for an update and new pictures. A lot has happened - and many pictures taken - since last blog. I'm only going to post a few pictures, but there are lots more at my Flickr site - just click on one of the pictures and it'll take you to the rest.

First: mama and Luke were twins one day (on purpose - I know it's a little sick, but I can't dress my children alike since I only have one yet).


We had a good Thanksgiving with some friends from church. They cooked their turkey in one of those deep fryers - very tasty! Their tradition lately is to watch a movie in the afternoon - on the wall above the fireplace with one of those projectors hooked up to a computer - so we watche "Batman Begins." That was the closest I've come to a "real" movie in almost a year! Luke took a little nap and then had fun playing peek-a-boo with 2 of the grandmas who were without their grandbabies.


Then he played with one of the grandpas.


And the latest new accomplishment is climbing stairs - well, stair. Luke discovered the step from the office to the family room and since there's only one, I let him do it so he could learn before the 14 steep, carpeted ones. Here's another little flip book:






TBG said...

Glad you had a nice thanksgiving!

Gayle and Rob said...

Since I keep "lurking" at these pictures --especially that cute little boy peeking out by the refrigerator --I'd better leave a comment. Uncle Jack says it's not polite to lurk without a word...CUTE is my word.