Friday, December 16, 2005

On the move

Here's what I'm seeing a lot of these days:


That's right. Luke's behind. He is always going somewhere or doing something.

The new feat this week is climbing DOWN the step in the family room. It's pretty impressive actually. He hasn't learned how to go down stairs backwards since it's only one step. He leans forward until his hands are on the floor, "walks" himself out until his knees are at the edge, then puts each knee down separately and then sort of flops over. Here are some pictures (not all taken on the same attempt - but easy enough to take since he does it OVER AND OVER AND OVER).


Pretty nifty, eh?

But he's still a baby, and that means the world it still explored via MOUTH.



Bob said...

too bad there aren't any stairs at the g-parents.. I'd like to see that little flop over move he does... can't wait to see you all in less than a week!

MLE said...

Hey--can I have a matching outfit with him for a Christmas picture? That is so cute! Only a few more days...Yeah!

KTP said...

Oh, Katie, that was VERY well done. HIGH-larious. And it makes me feel better, because we have a step like that in our house that I don't know how I will block. Good to know that Kyle will hopefully be able to work out a way do that, too.