Sunday, December 18, 2005

New Shoes

Yesterday Luke got new shoes. We're going to Orlando for Christmas and since it is a bit warmer there than here, I didn't think Luke would need to wear his fleece slippers the whole time. He still needs some shoes, though, and I wanted him to have some goods ones than will stay on and not hurt his feet. I remembered that Anne had recommended Robeez so I checked the website. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

Here is Luke wearing his new Firetruck shoes:


Yeah, I know, you can't see them very well. That's why I posted the link. Here's the proof that he has them, though.


Pretty cute, eh?

I thought Kyle's mommy would like this since Kyle likes to pull off his shoes like Luke does. Be prepared to shell out $26, though. Christmas present?

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KTP said...

You got it right, Luke's mommy. Kyle has choo choo train shoes like that, but he's grown out of them already. Christmas present, indeed!