Monday, December 19, 2005


Well, it finally happened today. The potential household accident that gives me the most anxiety at this point. A friend's sister fell down the stairs carrying her 15-month-old twins a few months ago - the boy broke his leg and the litte girl had a concussion - and ever since then I've been paranoid about doing the same.

Thankfully when I fell this afternoon there were only three steps left. I was wearing my slippers and the carpet was slippery (I guess that's why they're called "slippers"). I stepped too far out on the step and slid down - bump, bump, BUMP. Plus, I wasn't holding the railing because I was taking the gate down with me to save a trip. We really need one up and one down.

I fell to the side and landed on my hip/butt area. I don't think Luke was hurt beyond me holding him really tight, but he cried for a while. I think he was really scared. Thankfully I didn't scream (I'm not a screamer) or he might have been even more frightened.

It hasn't hurt since then, but now that I've taken a shower and am sitting down I can feel the soreness in my muscle (yeah, I'll call it that - there's a muscle under there somewhere). I looked and can already see the start of a pretty good bruise. Good thing it's not the part I sit on.

The rest of the afternoon I could feel myself leaning back a little and making sure my heel touched the back of each step every time I went down. And no more carrying things with me to save a trip - it's not worth it. So what if Luke eats a little cat food before I come back with the gate - it didn't hurt him last time!


Gayle and Rob said...

Katie - so thankful you weren't seriously hurt - you'll probably find other bruises that you didn't see at first. Two gates sounds like a good idea. Stairways frighten me too - once Uncle Paul fell down just three stairs and put his arm through a glass door - and remember when I bumped all the way down the stairs in the Iowa farm house? I feel your pain.

KTP said...

OMG I have that fear also. Except I only have one story at home. It's here at my parents' house, with the 2 flights of stairs and oh yeah, THE SNOW AND ICE, that I am so worried. I actually almost fell on ice last week with Kyle. My heart pounded in my chest afterwards. I am glad you are OK and that Luke is too.

Anonymous said...

Katie, Why didn't you post a picture? Your blogs usually do? We would like to see the bruise. p.s. carry Luke in the other arm so you can hold the HANDrail.

Katie said...

HEY ANONYMOUS, very funny. If you read the blog, you would see that I had something in each hand and THERFORE couldn't hold the HANDrail. Ha, ha, Alec.