Tuesday, January 17, 2006

All alone

Well, for a few days I will be a pseudo-single mom. Alec went to Oregon to visit his grandpa, who is in the final stages of congestive heart failure and on hospice care. He may hang on for a while, but Alec didn't want to regret not going to see him if he should die soon.

So, since I know he will be checking, I'll make sure to post a new picture every day.

Tonight we got a new toy from a friend who doesn't need it right now. It's one of those thingys that kids can walk behind when they're learning to walk. The camera was being testy and kept turning off when I wanted to take a picture of Luke walking behind it so you just get a picture of him WITH the toy.


He can walk all the way across the room with it, but for now would rather play with all the new buttons to push. It has batteries and plays music, but it also has an on/off button so maybe tomorrow I'll just leave it off and he can walk more with it.


B said...

Walking and talking? Where did that little baby go? Hopefully next time on the phone he'll talk instead of just grinning! How cute!

Gayle and Rob said...

Walking? I guess that's a reason to rejoice, but it also means our little one is growing up fast - too fast! Hope Alec will be back home in time for Luke's birthday.

TBG said...

Wow walking what a big boy.

And that toy looks super super noisey!