Sunday, January 15, 2006


Tonight we were watching TV and Luke was puttering around. He "walked" over to us along the coffee table, picked up the remote, held it to his ear, and said a garbled version of "hello." It wasn't a perfectly clear "hello," but it was perfectly clear that he knew what he was doing when he did it again. He did this the other day at church with the little toy telephone he has there - I'm sure he learned it from being in an office so much.

I wish I had a picture of him holding the remote to his ear, but, of course, when I got out the camera he put it down and cheesed. Here are some other pictures just because I haven't posted one for awhile - and he was having a pretty good hair day!





TBG said...

So sweet!

Gayle and Rob said...

So cute - can't wait to hear his voice when I call someday!

MLE said...

What a ham. And about uh-oh--we said that a lot at Christmas! I'm so excited he's starting to talk!