Saturday, February 25, 2006


Luke's favorite occupations lately include climbing - everything.

At church he discovered the pile of plaques from the old church which now reside under my printer table. They stick out a little and he figured out how to climb onto them. He holds on to the printer, pulls himself up and looks out the window at passing cars and trucks until his arms get tired.


Then he looks at me as if to say, "Help! I don't know how to get down and my arms are getting shaky!" Notice the tippy-toes.


He's so interested in all the trucks right now. Thursday before we left I put him in the stroller and we went up to the work site to take some pictures for the newsletter. There were some bulldozers moving dirt around on future cement pads and a digger-thingy digging footings. Luke was entranced. Here are a few pictures of the progress:

The cement pad for the sanctuary. It looks a lot smaller than I thought it would be and we're all wondering how it will seat 400.

The front-end digger thingy.

Site work being done for other cement pads.

Things are moving. Hopefully we will start seeing things going up soon.


Bob said...

I think that 'front end digger thingy' is called a backhoe... just a possibility...
I just hope he learns to only climb where he can get down, but he sure is cute!

Gayle and Rob said...

Loved the tip-toe approach! We're guessing that it won't be long before the pull-up and look becomes walk about unaided. The building project is exciting, even from a distance. Bare concrete pads always look small until they get a walls! Keep us in the loop with construction updates.

Aunt Cindy said...

Isaac is also pulling himself up but hasn't figured out how to get down...lots of crashes...ouch! go to the Isaac xanga site to see his latest pics.

KTP said...

It looks like it's time for Mama to learn the names of all those trucks!

Odd Mix said...

Backhoe, Schmackhoe - I like "digger thingy" much better. Young kids (and parents with young kids) name things the sensible way (like the Germans, actually) - by sticking together a bunch of words that describe the object.

You go, Luke! Keep climbing - Mom will get you down, and for backup there is always gravity. :) Two of my four were climbers, the others preferred terra firma.

BTW, I followed a link from Mom Underground. Nice blog.