Friday, March 03, 2006

Those Pearly Whites

Luke hasn't gotten any new teeth recently, but the 2 on the top are showing a lot more lately. The gap between them is so huge it is almost comical. You can see the teeth in this picture, taken the other night when the boys were playing on the couch. Alec was bouncing Luke so he laughed and when he would stop bouncing, Luke would rock back and forth as if to say "again!" (Side note: Alec is not a bad dresser. Those are his work clothes - he wears jeans over the fleece pants and about 2-3 more shirts on top of the turtleneck. It's all about the layers when you work outside in the winter!)


In other news, we decided last weekend that we would try the "cry it out" method again. The "no cry sleep solution" wasn't really a solution - not a total loss, but there's not really any end in sight. Luke needs to stop nursing every time he wakes up and the cold hard fact is the only way to do that is to let him cry. We decided to start last night so we would hopefully be done by Monday. Last night he cried from 10-11:15 - loud, angry, stubborn crying. He woke up again around 4 and I decided I would be a bad mommy and disregard what the books tell you - go in and reassure him and then go back to bed. We tried that last time and it only made him more mad that we weren't picking him up. He never really cried last night, just whimpered off and on for about 30 minutes, so I don't feel too bad about not going in to him. Incidentally, Alec never heard it. We'll see what happens tonight.


Gayle and Rob said...

OK, we want a face close up - can't see the teeth very well! Both boys look great; Alec looks good in glow-in-the-dark colors! Is he still working on the church? And I can relate to Alec not hearing the baby...

Mom Underground said...

Spaces between baby teeth are a GOOD THING! It means he'll have lots of room when the big boy teeth come in and there won't be crowding. Gus has "pumpkin teeth" and his dentist loves it!

As for crying-it-out, it worked for us in about three nights after more than a year of avoiding the method. I think I emailed you that, though. The first night was the worst, and now Gabe sleeps from 7 p.m. to 5-6 a.m. Whew!