Monday, February 13, 2006


Saturday night it started snowing. But Sunday morning we had maybe 5-7 inches. It is the heavy, wet kind and very pretty. Our church was cancelled and the schools all have off today, although the streets are pretty dry by now. I took Luke outside and he really didn't know what to think. He smiled a lot and pointed. I touched some to his face and he laughed, but I couldn't get him to try to taste it.



We don't have a sled and Luke doesn't stand alone yet, so I put him in the laundry basket. My mom did this with me and my sister when we were babies.


He's not grouchy. It was so bright we had to squint.


Our poor crepe myrtle in the backyard. It's not supposed to be touching the ground!


This is in the front yard under the big magnolia tree. Snow was falling down on us because there was a little breeze. Just as we were coming in, a big plop fell right on Luke's face!


The magnolia tree. I was surprised that all the branches had snow on them since it's such a big tree. I wonder how the snow got down to all the lower branches.


TBG said...

Oh the snow. We got 16.5"!

B said...

The laundry basket is a great idea! I think there's a picture of all of us girls in one when we were little! The snow sure is pretty! We got a couple inches last Thursday, but now it's all gone and in the 50's!

Gayle and Rob said...

Sure is beautiful! I wonder what Luke was thinking when he saw all of that snow. Glad you're taking pictures to remember this with.