Friday, February 10, 2006

Music Man

The other day we visited friends. They have a piano that they leave open all the time - we don't or the cats will walk on it, plus it gets dusty. Well, the little boy there likes to climb up on the bench and "play" the piano. He doesn't usually bang on it, which impressed me.

Now Luke wants to play the piano all the time. In the past I have sat him on my lap when I play and we do "duets." It's fun now that he is standing to see him play by himself. He tries to move the bench but I discouraged him from that when he moved it and tipped it over the other day.


He generally walks up and down the length and hears the different pitches. So far he hasn't been banging on it either - I think because he's a little too short to get that much behind each strike.


Mom Underground said...

Aw, cute! The piano here is a Gabe magnet, too. I can't practice more than 60 seconds before he's inserting himself between the piano and the bench and plunking the keys. If I play something peppy, he likes to bounce around and dance.

TBG said...

What a cutie!

Look at him playing the piano!