Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Let there be light

. . . from a nice looking fixture!

The light fixture hanging over our dining room table was ugly. For years we tried, off and on, to find a replacement that we liked. Most hanging lights out there are pretty similar to the one we had.

About a month ago we went to the electrical supply store to look again - and found the perfect light! Of course, it was a bit more than we expected to spend, but there just wasn't anything that came close. We shelled out the extra bucks and justified it by remembering that we never buy each other Christmas or birthday presents.

Yes, it's Delft! Now do you see why we paid the extra $$?


This is the part that is flush with the ceiling and covers up the wires.

Luke is enjoying the light as much as we are. Last night at supper he was talking and talking and pointing to it. It was pretty cute.

Useless trivia (unless you have the same problem):
I found a new use for my Swiffer. Every morning I come downstairs, turn the corner, and see this:
Until recently, it has been a mess of cobwebs and dustbunnies behind that hutch. Then I discovered that a Swiffer is thin enough to fit behind it and, Voila! Clean wall behind the hutch!


Gayle and Rob said...

It's beautiful and the colors look great with your color scheme! I never really noticed that your old one was ugly --was is tarnished? Whatever, the new one is lovely - I especially like that extra touch of the ceiling plate that matches.

Mom Underground said...

Definitely worth the extra money!!

MLE said...

I really like the new light! Now maybe I'll find a new one that I like for my kitchen. I hate the fan and nasty glass lampshades. Nice choice!

TBG said...


My kitchen tile is delft!