Monday, March 27, 2006

Daddy's helper

Alec's grandpa was a Baptist preacher, so naturally he had lots of books - especially commentaries and Bible helps. Alec asked if he could have some of them and his mom has been setting aside some for him as she goes through Grandpa's things.

The other day a big box came from UPS. VERY heavy and with a book rate sticker. In it were many old books, including a complete, 10-volume commentary on Romans. Of course, the cats were relentless in trying to get into the box so Alec worked on putting the books away on Saturday night.

Luke helped.


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Gayle and Rob said...

What a little cutie. Did I say that before? It bears repeating. We had a little 10 day old baby boy here for supper tonight and it brought back all those memories of our first days with Luke. It's just that time flies way too fast.