Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cherry Blossom Festival (#2)

Friday Luke and I went downtown with some friends to the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was Luke's second one - he hasn't missed one since he was born (not very impressive since he's only one but someday it will be)!

The weather was delightful and the blossoms were at their peak.


There was a pavilion at the Jefferson Memorial that had a high school band playing. Luke and his friend really liked listening to them.


We discovered something funny about Luke. Since he hasn't had much experience with being outside yet, he isn't comfortable with nature. I sat him down on the grass in the shade and he wanted to stand up. However, he was afraid to touch the grass. The next two pictures are of him trying to stand up without touching the grass.



It was a fun day and we both slept really well (I even went to bed at 9:30)!



B said...

I laughed so hard when I saw those pictures! I can just imagine him doing the "no hands"! How cute! But he'll get used to grass - after all, summer's coming!

KTP said...

That is SO cute! It's nice to see a picture of mama, too.