Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Don't hold your applause

Tonight was another milestone evening, for a number of reasons.

1) Luke ate like a pig. I am so grateful to have a kid that is not a picky eater. We had some stir-fry chicken with snow peas and mushrooms and mandarin oranges and he ate everything, even a few mushrooms. He tried the rice, too, and liked it for a while but I think it was a little boring by itself.

2) He finished his milk. It took a while for Luke to learn to like milk, but now he finishes his bottle at almost every meal. And insists on holding it himself. I still have to hide it until almost the end of the meal, though, or he will drink and then play with it and not eat.

3) Luke finally learned to clap! After supper, we were singing "Clap Your Hands, All You People" and he clapped right along. He also likes to put his arms up for the hosannas, which is pretty cute. We tried to get some pictures, but of course he stopped and just pointed at the camera.

Other things he's been doing lately include waving good-bye, saying "da-da" at the right time, and drinking juice from daddy's glass. He also goes all the way up and down the stairs by himself. Still no walking or standing alone, though.

This phase sure is fun!


Gayle and Rob said...

Thanks for sharing the little things - that really add up to big things in a little boys life! It does make the miles shrink a little but it is a little sad/sweet. Summer is coming!!

B said...

Way to go, Oinker! I can't remember if any of us were picky, but it's nice that Luke isn't!