Monday, March 06, 2006

Thanks, Odd Mix

My new friend Odd Mix found a gem of a download the other day. I tried it and have found it such a time-saver that I thought I would pass it on. BlogBridge is a handy little tool for a lot of things, but basically I use it to check if any of the blogs I read have been updated. I don't have to go to each individually and check them. And, most importantly, I don't get side tracked by reading all the links on each page because it's not on-line.

FlyLady would be proud, too, because now I can set my timer for 15 minutes and actually be done when it goes off!

Ah, time savers.


Odd Mix said...

You are welcome! I am glad it helps. Now if I could only figure out why my atom.xml page has an error in it, you could see when I update! Grrrr.

KTP said...

I followed your link to FlyLady and I was very very scared.