Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Luke has his first fever of any importance. I'm sure he's had small fevers before, but never any that I noticed. Today he's got a doozy.

Yesterday I took him to the doctor for this cough he's been hanging onto. It didn't bother him during the day, just at night and when he woke up. I figured it was seasonal or allergy related, but since he had a respiratory infection in December I thought I should get it checked out. Turns out it's a sinus infection. Makes sense - whenever he lies down it all drains down his throat and makes him cough.

So we're on amoxicillin again. And last night after his first dose he started getting feverish. It was up to 102.7 by bedtime and then 103.8 around lunch. I, of course, panicked but since it was lunchtime the doctor's office was closed.

It stinks to have relatives live so far away, but today I was really glad for my nurse sister who lives 2 time zones away! She calmed me down and we talked about normal and abnormal things to look for. Basically, I'm glad he's in a good mood, still eating and drinking, and not lethargic. We went to Target to get some baby Motrin to alternate with the Tylenol and hopefully we'll be on the mend in the next 24 hours.

Thanks, Beth!


Gayle and Rob said...

Sort of ironic wasn't it that the recent discussions about parenting and taking care of children in a wise way comes right before a time when you need to be wise with your own little one. I think you did the right thing in asking someone who might have good guidance. Good thinking D.C. daughter - and thanks a bunch CO daughter. Love you all!

B said...

Of all the calls I run and patients I see in the hospital, the most rewarding is when I get to help my own family. It gives me great joy and pride to know that my family is comfortable turning to me when they need medical advice. I just hope it works and Luke starts to feel better. So thank you, and you're welcome.