Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Luke has always been a very focused kid. When he plays, he really works. He breathes through his mouth and it sounds sort of like a panting dog.

Lately he has been taking things out of baskets and putting them back in. I've capitalized on this by having him help me put his toys away. The other night I called him over (and he actually came!) and he put the blocks back in the basket one by one. I even left the room to continue making supper and he finished the job. What a smart kid!

He is also learning how to make towers with his blocks. Before, he just liked the satisfaction of knocking over my towers but now he concentrates on making his own.



Today when we went out to get the Motrin, I bought a 40 cent package of marked down plastic Easter eggs (love post-season Target sales!). He spent a good 15-30 minutes taking them out and putting them back in his little Easter basket from Grandma. He also makes a noise each time he takes one out - I think because when I do it with him I count them. I guess he is counting them, even though each one sounds like "bau," his word for everything right now.




Incidentally, the Motrin helped. The last time I checked his temp, it was down to 101.2. He's sleeping now, but quite restlessly - probably will be another long night.


Since I didn't go to work today, I went in for a couple hours after supper. On my way home I passed a house a few blocks down from ours that was completely engulfed in flames. There were 2 fire/rescue trucks already there and I've been hearing sirens now for the past half hour. Alec just took a walk to go see for himself. It was pretty impressive and sad at the same time.


Bob said...

glad to hear Luke's doing better... Hope he gets all well soon!

As a side note, I got a haircut today, its really short, but not buzzed. Maybe I'll have a picture of my new do soon.

Odd Mix said...

Sounds like a budding engineer!

I hope he continues to get better.

B said...

Glad to see his temp is coming down! And the rescue trucks are pretty impressive, huh?! Now you know why I like to to fire stand-by's on the ambulance! One of my best friends out here is a fire fighter and there's nothing quite like the smell of smokey bunker gear. Kind of reassuring in a campfire sort of way.

Gayle and Rob said...

Oh so happy that he's getting better! Katie, when you were his age you spent hours with large wooden beads and an old purse, putting them in and taking them out. Must be in the genes. Can he get any cuter?!?