Saturday, May 13, 2006

How to Get Lots of People to Look at You

Step #1: Drive your 1929 Ford anywhere. Doesn't matter where, just drive it. People will smile. They'll wave, too, especially when you a-ooga at them.

Step #2: Throw a boomerang. Most people haven't actually seen one, much less one being used.

Today we drove the Ford to the state park just down the road. It was really nice out and it's supposed to rain all week so we thought we'd get some good outside time in while we could. Alec took along his boomerangs and threw them around in the big open field there at one of the picnic areas.

We stopped at TGIFriday's on the way home for supper. Luke ate 2 whole chicken fingers, some fries, and a whole bowl of mandarin oranges. Our food was really slow in coming (they lost the order slip) and it was messed up when we finally got it, so we got free drinks and food for Luke. He did really well waiting - played with the crayons and kiddie menu they gave us.

Luke is more comfortable in the Ford now and doesn't mind it as much. He's even starting to enjoy it. I know this because he was singing the whole way home.

On Tuesday, Alec got a child seat to put on the back of his cruiser bicycle. He finally had time to put it on last night so we took a spin quick before supper and bedtime. Luke LOVED it. He didn't like wearing his helmet at first, but when we started moving he didn't care anymore. I rode up next to him and he grinned and waved. It was enough to melt my little heart.




B said...

Yeah! Family bike rides! That is so cute, especially the wave and smile.

MLE said...

How cute is that?

Aunt Cindy said...

Jon and Joy are looking for a burley for Isaac but even used they're so expensive or somebody else got it 15 minutes before they got there.