Monday, May 22, 2006


I'm allowed to encourage my almost-16-month-old to play with letters and numbers, right? It's not too pushy of me? After all, he still just thinks they're toys.

Since Luke is taking baths in the "real" tub now instead of the kitchen sink, I decided to get out the bath toys I'd been hiding and rotate out some of the old ones for a while. Keep things interesting.


He liked sticking the letters to the side of the tub and the tiles. He even spelled out his own name! Just kidding.


His face is full of bruises right now. Makes me a little self-conscious in public. I'm not an abusive parent - he's just learning how to walk and falls a lot! Right now he has a really ugly one on his cheek. Last week he fell into a chair corner and scraped some skin off. Now it's the nice greeny-brownish of an old bruise.


We'll see which letter he says first. Who knows how long that will take. Right now he says "ball" for almost everything, with a few "mamas," "dadas," and "gucks" thrown in (he knows what a duck is now - I have no idea how he picked that out of all the other animals he looks at daily).

I'm always a little hesitant to put up pictures of my bathtub. The old grout and caulking are so stained it looks perpetually disgusting. I scrub it every time I take a shower, though, so it really is clean. Just not pretty and shiny.


Gayle and Rob said...

You can't start him on reading too early - and the longer he sees it as a fun game, the better it is! He's following in his mother's and aunts' and uncle's footsteps.

TBG said...

Luke is so smart!

Oh the tub yeah we have that issue...old houses they have character!

Odd Mix said...

Don't worry about the bruises. Our pediatrician once told us they worry more about kids who have no bruises than the ones who have normal ones like you describe.